If you were to compare Amazon to any other online marketplace, like eBay, what would make it stand out? Convenience and efficiency with Amazon Prime are critical differentiators, and so is trust. Buyers trust Amazon to ensure quality in the products and transactions, and the positive experience they have keeps them coming back for more. But how does Amazon maintain and ensure its quality control?

One way is by restricting sellers for certain Amazon gated categories. This means that, for certain types of goods, a seller is not able to simply join Amazon and start selling right away. They must first get approval sometimes by using an Amazon ungating service which would help in providing some verifiable documentation.  

This article covers which categories are “gated” and the process to get approved.

restricted area or gated category

Amazon Gated Categories that Require Approval 

Amazon is constantly making updates to their platform and, as such, will periodically update the categories, subcategories, and rules for restricted products. Many sellers either don’t understand the process for getting approval, or they simply don’t want to make the effort. Because of this, many restricted categories actually have less competition for sellers!  Amazon sales consultants can be helpful for brands to unlock these gated categories.  

To verify quality and authenticity in their marketplace, Amazon places certain requirements in most categories relating to the condition of products. In the bold rows below, they go one step further by restricting access to these “gated categories” (and sometimes sub-categories therein): 

CategoryNoted Approvals or Restrictions
Amazon Device AccessoriesRequirements for refurbished only
Amazon KindleRequirements for refurbished only
Automotive & PowersportsApproval required; professional sellers only
Baby Products (Excluding Apparel)Potential approval for holiday selling
BeautyNew only (no used)
BooksRequires all media items shipped within two business days
Business Products (B2B)Professional sellers only
Camera & PhotoRequirements for refurbished only
Cell PhonesNot gated, but must meet requirements
Clothing & AccessoriesNew only. Must meet category requirements
Collectibles (Coins, Sports)Approval required; professional sellers only
Electronics (Accessories)Requirements for refurbished and certain products
Fashion JewelryProfessional sellers only
Fine JewelryApproval required; professional sellers only
Grocery & Gourmet FoodApproval required; new only; professional sellers only
HandmadeNew only
Health & Personal CareNew only
Historical & Advertising CollectibleNot currently accepting new sellers
Home & GardenRequirements for refurbished only
Industrial & ScientificApproval required; professional sellers only
Luggage & Travel AccessoriesProfessional sellers only
MusicNot currently accepting new sellers
Musical InstrumentsRequirements for refurbished only
Office ProductsRequirements for refurbished only
OutdoorsRequirements for refurbished only
Professional ServicesApproval required; service professionals only
Shoes, Handbags, SunglassesProfessional sellers only
Software & Computer GamesMay be required for certain products
SportsRequirements for refurbished only
Tools & Home ImprovementRequirements for refurbished only
Toys & GamesPotential approval for holiday selling
Video, DVD, & Blu-RayApproval required; professional sellers only
Video Games & ConsolesRequirements for refurbished only
WatchesApproval required; professional sellers only

Accurate as of February 2020. For full list and links to requirements, visit Amazon Ungating Services.

Note again that within some gated categories (and even some Amazon ungated categories) there are also restrictions based on product condition. You cannot sell used items in baby products, beauty, clothing, grocery, health & personal care, jewelry, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, toys & games, or watches. 

Each category has slightly different regulations and instructions for gaining permission to sell. We’ll focus primarily on automotive and toys. 

3 Steps to Activate an Amazon Gated Category

In broad terms, there are a few general steps you’ll need to take before even considering the specifics of one category v. another:

  1. Ensure you are using Amazon’s Professional Selling Plan. This is the foremost indicator to Amazon that you are a serious seller. Without it, the whole conversation of restricted categories is a non-starter.
  2. Make sure the product you want to sell is in your inventory. When you search for it, you’ll see a link that says “Listing Limitations May Apply.” This will take you to a page where you can request approval. Click when ready.
  3. Complete the Amazon ungating category application. The instructions are straightforward, but each category will be slightly different. Be prepared with invoices, product images, and any other specific verifications you’ll need to complete. 


This category includes any products that are used with motor vehicles and power sports, which means quality can have a direct impact on safety. Getting approval is straightforward:

  1. Amazon cannot be your sole storefront; you must have a business website first.
  2. Product images must be compliant to Amazon policies. They must be accurate and able to be reviewed on an independent website. 
  3. Properly use UPC codes for all product listings.
  4. If selling fitment-specific products, review the document called “Automotive & Powersports Part Finder and Fitment Data Page.” 

For most sellers in this category, these steps are mere formalities, as they are likely part of an established business already. 

Toys & Games (Holiday Requirements) 

This category is only restricted seasonally, as Amazon needs to ensure top quality from sellers during the busy holiday buying season. This means that sellers of toys & games can enter the market at any time without restriction, but must meet certain performance goals and criteria before Q4 to be eligible for holiday selling:

  • Amazon wants to ensure you are not just providing quality goods, but that you can keep up with demand. Therefore, three specific rates must be adhered to:
    • Order defect rates must be below 1%
    • Pre-fulfillment cancel rates must be below 1.75%
    • Late shipment rates must be below 4%
  • Furthermore, sellers must have shipped a certain number of products leading up to the holidays, assuring that your Amazon FBA inventory won’t be an issue. In 2019, for example, approval to sell toys in Q4 required a minimum of 25 items sold in the 90 days prior to October 15. Only stores that had first started selling on Amazon prior to September were permitted as well. 

Amazon makes changes and tweaks to the holiday requirements each year, so keep an eye out for their email update, which usually comes around August or September. Here is the official verbiage from Amazon for 2020 related to Holiday Selling Requirements in Toys & Games which are applicable from November 2, 2020 through January 3, 2021. 

Other Gated Categories & General Tips

Those two categories are the most common we see questions about from sellers, but remember each category has its own requirements. Some are minimal and require only the application (such as Sexual Wellness). These approvals are so simple they are almost automatic. Other categories may require additional verifications, like supplier invoices and can be quite cumbersome.

Utilizing Supplier Invoices

In some cases, you may be seeking approval in a category with a supplier. Amazon will typically ask for invoices to verify and provide approval, so it is important for you to use recent invoices for purchases of products from the manufacturer or manufacturer’s authorized distribution house. 

Amazon will also typically request the official invoice that comes within the box — not a printed copy from your email records. To submit, a snapshot of the official invoice with your phone camera is fine.  The invoice must be post-shipped, not pro forma.

Next Steps

Amazon works hard to proactively provide guidelines and resources but many Amazon sellers still struggle or lack the ability to seek approval in gated categories. 

If you still have questions about navigating specific categories, talk with an Amazon consultant at Toucan. Your business may be missing out on sales if you delay or don’t ever seek approval.  

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