We’ve driven 9-digits in sales and 8-digits in growth

Freddie Sexton“Based on an analysis of all clients who have been with Toucan for at least 12 months, on average we’ve achieved a 487% increase in Amazon sales.”

Freddie Sexton, CSO, Toucan Advisors
January 2022

Amazon Seller Central Case Study

6 Month Sales Impact
$13,000 to $463,000

Amazon Vendor
Central Case Study

10 Month Sales Impact
$29,000 to $305,000

Consumer Packaged Goods Case Study

26 Month Sales Impact
$73,000 to $797,000

We decided to give Toucan Advisors a try after leaving a company that wasn’t doing anything for us, and I have no regrets. They’ve helped lead us to great success! Our Amazon sales have increased somewhere in the neighborhood of 500% – 600% over the last couple of years because they are very proactive and cater their efforts based on our company’s unique products instead of using the one-size-fits-all method everyone else offers. They’re also very professional, reasonable, thoughtful, and generally a pleasure to work with. Anytime a concern or question pops into my head, I am able to get in touch with them and get it resolved almost immediately. Their good-natured and professional attitude, along with the huge (Continuing!) growth in sales they’ve produced for us is well worth the slightly higher price tag. If you want to get shoved through an automatic carwash, go with the cheap guys. If you want a personalized service that creates tangible results, go with Toucan!

Matt G.
Multimillion Dollar Brand in Amazon Health and Household

Our combination of business acumen, ecommerce, and digital marketing creates an Amazon marketing agency that stands out from the rest.


Toucan Advisors offers a high-touch partnership with proactive planning and recommendations that leverage our 35+ years of experience.

Our Amazon Consulting Services for your brand

Convert More Customers Into Sales

By focusing on improving your products’ conversion rates, our Amazon consulting experts can accelerate your sales.

Show Up Higher in Search Results

By focusing on the ranking factors more relevant for your brand, our Amazon consulting services drive more customers to your products.

Optimize Your Ad Spend for Maximum Impact and ROI

Using Amazon Sponsored Ads, our Amazon consulting services help you get more from every ad dollar spent. 

Control Your Brand on Amazon

Toucan Advisors works with you to shore up your brand’s authority and presentation on Amazon. 


A Six Part Series

More than Black and White: The Chess Match Secrets of Amazon Sales Consultants

In what ways are a chessboard like the branch of a tree and your product listings on Amazon? The parallels might surprise you, but there’s one that matters most: they’re all places soon to witness the miracle of flight.

But flight is a funny thing. It’s transformational. One moment something is earthbound, heavy, and weighted. The next, it’s lighter than air. Watching this phenomenon in real time, you see that a flap of the wings and a leap of faith make the difference.

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The Many Levels of a Level Playing Field: How Quickly An Amazon Marketing Strategy Can Shift Sales

“All competitors have an equal chance of winning before a single move is made.”

We mentioned this critical perspective in our last post as we launched this series of articles comparing strategic Amazon selling with precise, analytical games like chess. And while we do acknowledge that the odds of winning on paper are almost 50-50, it’s sadly time to shatter that illusion.

Opportunity is equal, but the rest is up to you.

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Master the Pieces to Own the Game
Identify the right game pieces to boost your Amazon sales

We began the metaphor between chess and Amazon with a straightforward assertion: before a single move is made, both players have an equal chance of winning.

Then, we shattered that illusion. A level playing field? That’s not how the world works.

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Start With a Plan; Pivot as You Play
Learn to Plan, and Plan to Learn

The quickest way to win a game of chess is in two moves, The Fool’s Mate. But, chess wouldn’t be any fun and you wouldn’t keep playing if you lost (or won) in two moves every time. Instead, you learn and improve continuously.

You’re at the table ready to play “the game” because you’ve recognized Amazon as a lucrative marketplace for your business needs. You’ve mastered the fundamentals, understanding the capabilities of each piece of the game and how they can work best together. Now you must build a playbook and learn how to optimize as the game unfolds.

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Moving Sales Beyond the Marketplace
Study the industry greats, learn from them, and innovate to beat them

This series of articles has focused on the parallels between playing chess and selling products on Amazon. We uncovered many links between the approach to a chess match and the ways you can improve your Amazon sales. But what if that was just the beginning? What if the levers you can pull and pieces you can control were only half the battle? In our last article, we talked about the importance of making a plan but anticipating instances where you would need to optimize or pivot. All of our focus up to this point has been on the game board and the pieces. The pieces are all critical but don’t forget to look up from the board and realize you are playing against actual people. And if you look a little closer, you might see your opponents have coaches whispering in their ears. Or fans cheering them on. There may be outside forces influencing what happens on the board, at a level beyond your control.

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For the Love of the Game
Keeping Sales Fresh and Exciting for the Long-Term

We began this series of articles with a simple premise: Amazon sales is a game much like chess. And, similar to most games, it is something that you can improve with the right studying, planning, practicing, and learning. In short, you learn and grow by reflection and repetition. The ultimate goal is to achieve incredible sales volume on Amazon. That’s a business objective and an important one. Maximizing ROI, finding efficiencies to automate, building strong communities of customers and influencers. All of these things correspond to business objectives, but it is impossible to transform your sales toolkit and build prowess without changing a bit yourself, too. For the greatest chess grandmasters, each match was just as much about their own journey as it was about winning a game. As a growing, evolving sales professional, these articles will hopefully have reshaped the way you view Amazon sales and the approach you bring to the game. Once you’ve learned the ropes and played a few rounds, you can continue to keep the game fresh and energizing by learning the fun tricks to round out your playbook, and find a community to stay regularly engaged.

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