Amazon Seller Services Overview

You know your product, you have great customer service, and you have solid operations.
Toucan Advisors focuses on all the pieces you need for aggressive sales growth and brand protection in the competitive and rule-intensive Amazon landscape.  We’ve fined-tuned our strategies for consumer packaged goods and consumer durable goods.

Our Amazon Consulting Services Contribute to Your Success

  • VendorCentral or SellerCentral?
    Helping you decide for your Amazon business
  • Sales Momentum
    Our core mission is to help your sales grow consistently higher.
  • Amazon SEO
    Increasing your products’ exposure in Amazon search results  to get more traffic to your product pages. 
  • Product Page Content Optimization
    Improving the titles, bullets, and description on your product pages for converting more visitors into sales
  • Enhanced Brand Content / A+ Content
    Assisting you in setting up Brand Registry, and then taking lead for Enhanced Brand Content or A+ content development.
  • Product Page Image Optimization
    Improving your images to persuade more product page visitors to make a purchase.
  • PPC, AMS, Sponsored Ads
    Setting up and managing your campaigns in Sponsored Ads and other Amazon paid traffic so you spend less ad cost per sale. 
  • Understanding Amazon Fees
    Helping you plan for the costs of Amazon selling so you have healthy pricing models.
  • Product Reviews
    Helping increase the number of product reviews on your products while complying with Amazon’s policy.
  • Promotions Management
    Working with you to plan, set-up, and manage promotions on Amazon and off of Amazon  to help launch products, increase immediate sales, or liquidate poor performers.
  • Account Health Monitoring
    Alerting you to issues that may threaten your Amazon account health, and helping you plan for fast resolution.  We take
    lead to work with Amazon and resolve the many warnings, performance notifications, listing suppressions that will occur on your seller account in the Amazon marketplace.  Unresolved, this can hurt sales or even lead to permanent account suspension.
  • Opportunity Evaluation
    Helping you identify and evaluate new product opportunities for the Amazon marketplace in your niche.
  • Customized Monthly Reporting
    Providing monthly reporting so you can see progress across multiple KPIs; not just a single metric like gross sales or units sold.

Improving Product Page Content

At Toucan Advisors, we’re experts in copywriting and producing persuasive images for selling consumer goods online.  The company’s partners collectively have 35 years’ experience in ecommerce and digital marketing. What does this mean for your brand?
  • We dive deep into understand your brand and your products.
  • Then, we write copy that is clear and persuasive to your target audience (and rich with keywords to help them find your products via the Amazon search engine)
  • We create compelling images to showcase the best features/benefits of your products; all designed to encourage the BUY click.
  • If you’re eligible for Brand Registry, we’ll use rich Enhanced Brand Content (SellerCentral) or A+ content (VendorCentral)

Improving Amazon Search Results (Amazon SEO)

Why do some products come up high in Amazon search results, when the products don’t have the most reviews, aren’t the lowest priced, and aren’t even a well-known brand?  The sellers of those products know how to influence Amazon’s search algorithm via optimization tactics.

Is this compliant with Amazon policy?

Amazon provides many methods for sellers to help guide searchers to the most relevant product search results.  Most sellers don’t fully utilize these methods.

Additionally, while nobody knows exactly what factors go into Amazon’s search engine methodology, Toucan Advisors and other experienced Amazon consulting experts know that various other metrics – besides just keywords – play a role in where a product ranks in search results.  We do everything we can to best position your products to come up high in search results, all while staying within Amazon policies and rules.

What does this mean for your brand?

  • We do an analysis of highly ranked competing products as we’re putting together a plan for yours.
  • We’re deliberate in word choices used on your product pages.
  • We involve paid advertising to help influence search rank.
  • We ensure all obstacles to success are removed from your product, so it has a fair shot to be recognized in search results for more traffic coming to your items for sale.

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