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Toucan Advisors is based in Charlotte, NC, and our agency knows that strategy is not a one-size-fits-all across all our clients.  Every brand is unique, every business has different numbers, and every client has varying priorities for short and long horizons.  We work to understand your business needs, so we can best guide your sales growth on Amazon with brand presentation and strategies that best fit your company’s goals.

Toucan Advisor's Leadership Team


Eric Mindel

Co-Founder / Chief Business Officer

Eric has been involved in the business side of web technologies and ecommerce for more than 20 years.  His background includes racing through two tours during the dot com era, helping design web applications for data analysis and reporting, and building an ecommerce company that he later sold.  His specialty is understanding business needs and numbers, and then executing successful web-based solutions.

Beginning in 2015, Eric has focused on helping other small/medium B2C companies improve their websites’ sales performance.  With a particular emphasis on bringing successful Amazon strategies to manufacturers of consumer goods, Eric’s ’been there’ experience and skillset is tough to find in other Amazon agencies. He is Amazon Sponsored Ads Certified. 

Eric lives with his wife and son just south of Charlotte, NC.  His family vacations usually center around exploring historical venues.  Some of he and his son’s favorite strategy games lately include Star Realms, Wingspan, Carcassonne, and Viticulture.  In Eric’s stack of books to read are mystery crime novels from the library and theology studies.

Freddie Sexton

Freddie Sexton

Co-Founder / Chief Strategy Officer

Freddie has spent his entire 16 year professional career online in digital marketing, researching and understanding the top strategies he could employ to grow his client’s sales. In the early 2000s, right out of college he leapt cannonball style online starting his own web design firm which grew into a 12 person inbound marketing agency, specializing in SEO, paid search and marketing automation. In addition to leading this successful Amazon marketing agency, Freddie planned and executed large scale 7 figure advertising strategies. A number of years ago, he noticed the profound and immediate impact Amazon affords manufacturers who are looking to sell direct to their end customers. Freddie spends most of his time these days meeting with these businesses and dissecting their pain points with Amazon, then leveraging his agency experience as well as his holistic marketing and business chops to best ensure their success on this ever changing platform. 

Freddie lives on his suburban farm in Charlotte with his bride and their 4 kids, 2 dogs, and 5 chickens. You can also find him playing chess at the Charlotte Chess Center, volunteering at Levine’s Children Hospital and Charlotte Meditation, pursuing artist creations painting on the iPad, or riding his bicycle in majestic places like Trail Ridge Road.

"We decided to give Toucan Advisors a try after leaving a company that wasn't doing anything for us, and I have no regrets. They've helped lead us to great success! Our Amazon sales have increased somewhere in the neighborhood of 500% - 600% over the last couple of years because they are very proactive and cater their efforts based on our company's unique products instead of using the one-size-fits-all method everyone else offers. They're also very professional, reasonable, thoughtful, and generally a pleasure to work with. Anytime a concern or question pops into my head, I am able to get in touch with Eric and get it resolved almost immediately. Their good-natured and professional attitude, along with the huge (Continuing!) growth in sales they've produced for us is well worth the slightly higher price tag. If you want to get shoved through an automatic carwash, go with the cheap guys. If you want a personalized service that creates tangible results, go with Toucan!"
Matt G
Multimillion Dollar Seller in Amazon Health and Household

Amazon Marketing Agency FAQs

Our consultants are trained to run an Amazon account “soup to nuts”, meaning Toucan is more than qualified to do the heavy lifting.

With said, some of our accounts need more leadership and chose to run more of the day-to-day operations on their end.

Either way, we function as advisors all along the way, educating decision-makers on the implications of different strategies they may choose and explaining in detail with task-oriented employees that need more direction about the subtleties of working with Amazon.

Certainly, being a business professional is paramount. One who understands profitability as well as how to effectively align company growth with the correct amount of investment in Amazon. 

Direct communication and good follow up is an important aspect. When you send a note, expect to receive a response within a business day. 

It’s important for you to understand the strategy your Amazon consultants are implementing. Although you may not know how it is being executed: the sales goals, expected timeframes, and high level understanding about the what and why that is being done on Amazon is crucial. 

Everyone should walk away from meetings with specific tasks that have due dates and deliverables. Certainly your consultants can lead brain storming discussions, yet staying focused and on task ensures time and resources are spent wisely. 

Read more specifics about the 7 tips for choosing an Amazon seller consultant

Understanding the difference between expertise and experience is paramount in answering this question. Many qualified consultants, agencies, and employees may certainly have plenty of experience yet lack the ability to implement meaningful change and ultimately surpass your sales goals. Asking targeted questions to your potential team members/agency about their past expertise and results will reveal a more colorful picture of what may be in store for you. If they are resistant to share or cannot answer with confidence and directness, it may be a sign that they lack the expertise you desire. 

Simply regarding the arrangement, it’s far more efficient to hire an agency like Toucan which offers month-to-month terms and can work with most any project scope when it comes to all things Amazon. Hiring internally may take months, ultimately be far more expensive in resources, and underutilized time in lost sales potential on Amazon. Additionally, working with top quality Amazon marketing agencies like Toucan will allow you the benefit of their shared team expertise across a wide range of product categories and challenges faced in the past. 

It totally depends on the merits of your product/brand and how quickly your consultants can implement meaningful change. The best case is a product that competes well in a large category with a strong off-Amazon brand behind it coupled together with a knowledgeable and action-oriented team that is incentivized to grow sales. 

If you do hit a home run, the returns can come quick and be quite large (assuming your production and logistics can keep up with demand). See some of our Amazon case studies for more info about some of our successes. If not, and growth is “just” 10-15% MoM then you are still more than doubling your trajectory year over year. A fair question to ask yourself is where would I be today without my Amazon team? We like that our clients can leave at any time, as it keeps us hungry and encouraged to stay engaged. Much of the benefit from good consultants will show up on a P&L yet there is still plenty of work related to putting out fires that won’t show up yet is still extremely valuable to all Amazon sellers. 

Another element of answering this question is “how hard do you want to step on the gas”? An aggressive strategy out of the door with low prices, coupons, and/or a larger ad budget will create more sales in the future yet potentially look unimpressive in the short term. A fair question to ask related to this is, “What is your expected return and timeframe?” If you need to be cash-flow positive from day one then this is much different than building up a CPG brand over 5-10 years with millions to invest to grow your share of the market.  A good Amazon consultant will fine-tune your strategy with different options for success, recommend budget ranges, and execute the plan with open communication all the while keeping the ship sailing straight.

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