October 4, 2019 Amazon Consulting Library

Diving Deeper into Amazon Seller Central Financials

Dissecting the Fees, Structures, and Costs of Doing Business on Amazon For most manufacturers of consumer goods, the decision to sell on Amazon makes clear strategic and financial sense. Based on the sheer numbers driving Amazon’s dominance in the marketplace, and a comparison of owned channels to Amazon’s, it can be a simple decision to...
September 24, 2019 Amazon Consulting Library

3 Simple Amazon Hacks for Exploding Q4 Sales

Maximizing your push to close stronger in 2019  Every online retailer faces the same challenge as Q4 looms closer. Whether 2019 has been a boom or bust so far, you’ll need to forecast the final quarter and make some adjustments one way or the other. Each year, we help our clients prepare for and navigate...
September 5, 2019 Amazon Consulting Library

Compare Owned Channels v. Amazon

Navigating your options to optimize your bottom line Over the last two decades, selling on Amazon has evolved iteratively. With each update to the marketplace, the bigger picture can seem a little more complicated. For many online sellers, it can be a challenge to forecast your potential net revenue on Amazon based on fees, surcharges,...
August 20, 2019 Amazon Consulting Library

Your Quest to Prepare for Amazon Sales

Taking the steps to prepare your business for the Amazon marketplace If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve already decided that Amazon is right for your business, and you have a sense of what help or guidance you may need as you enter the e-commerce Jungle. But, where do you begin?Everyone can always and only begin in...
August 1, 2019 Amazon Consulting Library

The Iceberg Before the Jungle

If you read our last post, Welcome to the Jungle, you probably put some thought into whether or not Amazon makes sense for your business. It probably does.
July 9, 2019 Amazon Consulting Library

Welcome to the Jungle

Camouflage might be your friend in the jungle, but not in an online marketplace. Just like each animal in the forest adapts to its own unique conditions -- with wings for flight or claws and teeth as an apex predator -- so, too, do businesses need to adapt to the marketplace with their own strengths and strategies.

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