July 12, 2021 Amazon Consulting Library

The Many Levels of a Level Playing Field: How Quickly An Amazon Marketing Strategy Can Shift Sales

We mentioned this critical perspective in our last post as we launched this series of articles comparing strategic Amazon selling with precise, analytical games like chess.
June 17, 2021 Amazon Consulting Library

Top 7 Tips for Choosing an Amazon FBA Consultant

Amazon is a jungle filled with hungry, fierce animals called competitors. They are a scary breed and will stop at nothing to get their prey, which is a top-ranking product listing.
April 19, 2021 Amazon Consulting Library

Your Quest to Prepare for Amazon Sales

Taking the steps to prepare your business for the Amazon marketplace If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve already decided that Amazon is right for your business, and you have a sense of what help or guidance you may need as you enter the e-commerce Jungle. But, where do you begin?Everyone can always and only begin in...
March 18, 2021 Amazon Consulting Library

Amazon Business Reports: What Can Sellers Learn

“Leverage the Available Data to Make Critical Improvements to Your Amazon Operations” You’ve probably heard the old proverb, “the proof is in the pudding.” Most people, however, don’t know that this is a shortened simplification of the original expression: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You may get regular Amazon business reports...
February 17, 2021 Amazon Consulting Library

FBA or FBM: Fulfillment Lessons for FBA Consultants

To survive in the Amazon ecosystem, sellers must use any advantage they have at their disposal. Perhaps you are a fast-moving, solitary seller whose edge rests in his ability to adapt quickly, change territory and ship nimbly.
January 23, 2021 Amazon Consulting Library

What Can Star Trek Teach Us About Getting Amazon Reviews?

Ever heard of the Kobayashi Maru? It’s a training simulation referenced throughout Star Trek canon wherein a Starfleet Academy cadet must command a ship through a “no-win scenario”.

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