Grasping Amazon in Changing Times

From the impact of COVID-19, things are changing everyday. It’s not business as usual. How do you stay current and further strengthen your Amazon brand?

About the Webinar Recording

Join Freddie Sexton and Eric Mindel as they lead a webinar sharing their aggregated knowledge gained through guiding clients through this pandemic.

What You’ll Learn

  • Reading Numbers – How to make good choices in these shorter time frames?
  • Fulfillment – April 5th has come and gone. What option(s) work best for you: FBA, FBM, SFP and/or 3rd party 3PL?
  • The Big Deal – With so many options, how does your business focus on what is important?
  • Updated Trends – What are we seeing and where are things headed? How does it you apply it to you?


freddie-sexton-about-amazon-agencyFreddie Sexton 


Eric Mindel 


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