Amazon PPC Management

A full service Amazon PPC management agency to optimize your advertising investment for lower ACoS and higher sales.

We improve client outcomes in Amazon Sponsored Ads by combining:

  1. Years of holistic Amazon ad experience and 35+ years online marketing
  2. Sophisticated advertising management software platform built by Amazon veterans and managed by Amazon experts

What makes Toucan Advisors’
PPC Management Service

Our clients need an Amazon advertising agency that delivers results in the fast-paced world of Amazon selling. Our proprietary Amazon ad management platform is built by Amazon advertising experts specifically for the Amazon marketplace.

Unlike many off-the-shelf subscription software products that make tons of changes via unmonitored algorithms, we handcraft our software’s approach for every client.  “One size fits all” algorithms can’t know the nuances of the competitive landscape, seasonal fluctuations, new opportunities, tolerances for aggressiveness or conservative strategies, or each product’s competitive edge to exploit.  Data analysis is important backwards-looking information, which fuels algorithms.  However, we add the necessary ingredient of forward-thinking expert tactics so ultimately your brand grows faster and bigger on Amazon.  We have tested our outcomes against the limited “self driving” software options and see dramatic differences.   Our clients benefit from the advantage of having actual Amazon experts drive a more advanced software.

As a result, we see significant ACoS improvement within 60 days for our clients using Amazon PPC management.

What’s in our secret sauce?

  • Via our integrated software, we’re analyzing advertising data every day to drive decisions on keywords, bids, ASINs, and budgets.
  • For every client and every ad campaign, we implement goals and our management of our software makes constant adjustments to meet those goals.  Goals may be based on ACoS, spend, or other as determined by the client’s specific needs.  For a product launch, we can be aggressive on bidding for marketshare.  For an established product, we can make goals to maximize profit.

  • Amazon customer search behavior helps our software “learn” what new keywords may be profitable for product ads.

  • We can adjust ad budgets as needed to be heavier on better selling days/hours and less during times when customers are less likely to buy.

  • We make incremental adjustments to Amazon advertising as data informs.  Unlike a “human” worker who may check advertising once or twice a week for adjustments in a very inefficient way, our software knows the threshholds and rules we set in place for every client and campaign.  This means as soon as data supports an adjustment, our software executes it timely… thousands of adjustments weekly across our clients.
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