February 2, 2022 Amazon Consulting Library

Start With a Plan; Pivot as You Play

The quickest way to win a game of chess is in two moves, The Fool’s Mate. But, chess wouldn’t be any fun and you wouldn’t keep playing if you lost (or won) in two moves every time.
October 16, 2021 Amazon Consulting Library

More than Black and White: The Chess Match Secrets of Amazon Sales Consultants

In what ways are a chess board like the branch of a tree and your product listings on Amazon? The parallels might surprise you, but there’s one that matters most: they’re all places soon to witness the miracle of flight.
July 12, 2021 Amazon Consulting Library

The Many Levels of a Level Playing Field: How Quickly An Amazon Marketing Strategy Can Shift Sales

We mentioned this critical perspective in our last post as we launched this series of articles comparing strategic Amazon selling with precise, analytical games like chess.
April 19, 2021 Amazon Consulting Library

Your Quest to Prepare for Amazon Sales

Taking the steps to prepare your business for the Amazon marketplace If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve already decided that Amazon is right for your business, and you have a sense of what help or guidance you may need as you enter the e-commerce Jungle. But, where do you begin?Everyone can always and only begin in...
January 17, 2020 Amazon Consulting Library

3 High-Impact Resolutions to Improve your 2020 Amazon Sales

The New Year has come and passed, and with it a wave of personal and professional resolutions. Statistically speaking, 80% of resolutions will fail by mid-February, but your Amazon sales goals shouldn’t be among them.  If you did your end-of-year homework right, you have had a chance to review your 2019 numbers and reflect back...
January 7, 2020 Amazon Consulting Library

The Growth-Oriented Approach to Amazon FBA Inventory Management Stocking

Determining the Appropriate Initial Quantity and the Means to Properly Maintain It Selling on Amazon can feel exciting as you aim to launch your brand and sales volume. But some of the most critical factors in your success are often the most overlooked. For example, how much thought do you put behind your inventory strategy?...