June 21, 2022 Amazon Consulting Library

Compare Owned Channels v. Amazon Business Cost

Navigating your options to optimize your bottom line Over the last two decades, selling on Amazon has evolved iteratively. With each update to the marketplace, the bigger picture can seem a little more complicated. For many online sellers, it can be a challenge to forecast your potential net revenue on Amazon based on fees, surcharges,...
March 17, 2022 Amazon Consulting Library

Master the Pieces to Own the Game

We began the metaphor between chess and Amazon with a straightforward assertion: before a single move is made, both players have an equal chance of winning.
February 2, 2022 Amazon Consulting Library

Start With a Plan; Pivot as You Play

The quickest way to win a game of chess is in two moves, The Fool’s Mate. But, chess wouldn’t be any fun and you wouldn’t keep playing if you lost (or won) in two moves every time.
January 13, 2022 Amazon Consulting Library

6 Amazon Seller Software Tools You Should Know About

Running an Amazon business becomes increasingly more complex as more than 3,000 new sellers enter this marketplace each day and the competition continues to grow fiercer.
July 12, 2021 Amazon Consulting Library

The Many Levels of a Level Playing Field: How Quickly An Amazon Marketing Strategy Can Shift Sales

We mentioned this critical perspective in our last post as we launched this series of articles comparing strategic Amazon selling with precise, analytical games like chess.
June 17, 2021 Amazon Consulting Library

Top 7 Tips for Choosing an Amazon FBA Consultant

Amazon is a jungle filled with hungry, fierce animals called competitors. They are a scary breed and will stop at nothing to get their prey, which is a top-ranking product listing.