tv iconOn Vendor Central, Toucan Advisor experts have helped an aftermarket automotive parts manufacturer see substantial growth selling directly to Amazon as a vendor.  Its successful expansion on Amazon adds to its extensive traditional wholesale model in the automotive parts market.


  • Lower Than Desired POs — client dissatisfied with weekly orders from Amazon
  • Unoptimized Product Pages — lacking proper vehicle make/model information in title and bullets; no A+ rich content
  • Poor AMS Sponsored Ads Performance — average 46% ACoS (i.e., advertising cost of ad-derived sales)


  • TASK – Optimize product listing pages for both SEO and conversion.  Create new A+ content template to apply to product categories (i.e., comparable to Enhanced Brand Content), upgraded product page titles, bullet points, product description, and competitive keyword analysis
  • TASK – Amazon Advertising for increasing sales momentum and incremental sales gain. Establish successful campaigns in Sponsored Ads to drive traffic on keywords that best convert to sales.

Case Study results


  • Increase Category Selling Rank for hundreds of skus
  • Reduce Amazon Sponsored Ads cost of sales from 46% To 11.7%

Increased monthly POs from $29,000 to $305,000.



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